The Treachery of Thronehold

S03E02 - Brelish Delivery for a Mindflayer
Never mind what's in the package
S03E01 - Tracking Vampires in Thrane
Where the cardinal's nephew is saved from a fate worse than death
S02HSP - The Yuletide Dinner of Horrors
Undead turkeys and blood pudding
S02E13 - Beware the Kraken
Can't that Keldamir guy just stay dead?
S02E12 - The Great Airship Rescue
Where Urist gets excoriated
S02E11 - Dangerous Dragonshard Delve
Daring Dos and Dazzling Diplomacy Deep in the Dense Jungle! ...With Dinosaurs and Dragons!

This week’s adventure sent us into the heart of the jungle in search of special Draconic shards that would enable the Thirteenth members to power their own airship! (Or so I was told.) The sweltering environment did hamper a few of the crew, but we managed well enough. Bunny cut a path forward for us (being the only person with a bladed weapon I think) until we hit a small clearing. Rather than blindly wander in the hopes of finding the shards, we instead called upon the great wisdom of the translucent blue HAND OF FATE. Our wise and intelligent questioning of fate gave us the heads up that the shards were mostly north and slightly east, and that dinosaur doom could be found in every direction ever.

Trusting Master Hand like any true adventurer would, we proceeded in the direction given to us and came upon a strange obelisk with ancient and worn abyssal etchings. While that was certainly sketchy enough, we also heard noises on the other side of the treeline when we were examining the writing. Thanks to another colossal failure at stealth, they also heard us. Despite neither side having any idea where the other was exactly, the enemies threw a rancid cloud of nastiness into our area and managed to hit Bunny and Yoryk. We scattered and Bunny CHARGED! As soon as she emerged from the treeline, she threw her sword at the nearest foe, a Troglodyte temple champion. Rolen was second through the treeline, but unfortunately all of his diplomatic prowess and lingual mastery really couldn’t explain a sword to the head. And so, TO BATTLE! A troglodyte deepscourge, troglodyte temple champion and two stegosauru—-ahem I mean boneblade behemoths! Seems troglodytes have a -34 penalty to hygiene, as their stench alone is enough to cause attack penalties just for being close. Brave Bunny and Yoryk engaged the two of them anyway. Despite a lot of bad odor, weakness, and nasty spike tail flails, we prevailed against all of them (and took their armor)! We took a short break and began exploring the ruins they had come from. Both the outside altar and underground chambers were full of demonic nastiness and grossitude, but thankfully curiosity surpassed the urge to leave and our scrutiny revealed a hidden passage! We found a lab akin to what we were searching for, but it had been ransacked and plundered by strange sun-branded creatures.

Still trusting Master Hand, we left the ruins and continued in the same direction, eventually running into a small camp and a lake! And…more troglodytes. Three of them to be exact, with a small raptor-like creature that totally could’ve been Bunny’s mount. THIS time however, there were no swords to the head to apologize for, so with Rolen’s and Zirinee’s hat’s mighty morphin’ powers we were actually able to successfully bluff and diplomat our way into finding out that the shards we were after were actually in the possession of a ‘great being’ named Razecoreth who apparently dwelled below the lake. There had to be some truth to their story due to the large corpse near the lake. What Bunny initially identified as a legendary ‘corn dragon’ turned out to be a gold dragon with more precise examination once suitable rolls of dragon identification took place. It might have been intimidating to the STANDARD adventurer, but we’re so not standard. So we decided to go…‘pay him homage’!

After Bunny’s underwater seahorse scouting and a very successful water breathing ritual from Zirinee, we bid the stinky troglodytes farewell, dove into the lake, swam through the tunnel and resurfaced in Razecoreth’s underground pitch-black lair! Lighting the sunrod there was a fine hello to what was a throne of goodies and a large green dragon covered in vines and moss and such. Negotiations over the shards consisted of Raze’s arrogant taunts about having powers beyond our mortal comprehension, and us entering battle formation! It should also be noted that the he was clutching a human-sized magic rod of some kind during the entire encounter. A trophy of some previously eaten magic user perhaps? Entertaining to us at least. What would any standard adventurer do during a boss fight except bring out the big guns? That my friends, is precisely what happened. Most of us unleashed our strongest abilities and they served us well, tipping the scales perhaps a little too much in our favor. It’s not all our fault though! For all his fearsome might, Raze couldn’t make a saving throw to save his life. Or his movement for that matter, as he was kept inside crippling zones for pretty much the entire fight. There was some poisons, curses, and nasty dragon breath but ultimately we proved ourselves stronger than a gold dragon. There was victory fanfare, the aforementioned rod, an amulet, and some armor as shiny spoils, as well as our much sought after draconic shards! Now all it needs is a name and an ammo supply that isn’t puppies and the Thirteenth can take to the skies in its new airship!

SE02E07 - High Sea Skirmish

After the events of the previous week, the Thirteenth found themselves in possession of a trapped elemental… and while we have a ship that we got from the Shadowfell, it was a pretty small one — clearly not one worthy of being our airship. But we were promised a ship by Duke Kordaric, and it was time to collect. Pavis and his team joined us on the ship, sailing its way to Ostavar. From there, one team would take the ship Kordaric had for us and continue on to Zilargo, while the other one would return back to Thronehold.

So, we set out for our meeting point on the seas near Ostavar… and arrived there without incident, to find Kordaric on a ship waiting for us. He wasn’t piloting the ship himself, but had one of his most trusted captains there instead. At any rate, he invited us onto the ship (we came aboard — Pavis’ team stayed behind, with their ship connected to Kordaric’s) and we also took him up on his invitation to enjoy some of the wine in the wardroom. Why would adventurers pass up free booze?

We found ourselves regretting our “sure, what the hell” attitude when we heard fighting outside and found the door to our cabin locked… and that we were feeling pretty queasy despite the fact that we only drank a little bit of the wine. We broke down the door to find Kordaric and his crew fighting Pavis’ team… and us. The wine was spiked, and that Kordaric was a changeling. In that fight, the pirate crew broke Pavis’ ship away (with Pavis and his team on it), and the changeling — having changed form — tried to convince us that he was Pavis, betraying us because he was secretly working for House Orien all along! (Nobody bought it.)

Once we finished with them, we held their captain for questioning. They were working for the Diresharks, led by Prince Kolberkon — looking to overthrow the Seadragons, led by High Prince Ryger ir’Wynarn (nominal ruler of the Lhazaar Principalities), whom Kordaric works for. To finance their schemes, the Diresharks have allied themselves with the Emerald Claw and House Lyrandar. More to the point, they wanted us dead for reasons that the captain couldn’t say (or didn’t know). His crew was supposed to do the job, but in case that failed (as it did), they had another ship on the way. Once we spotted the ship (which was likely to blow us apart with its cannons if we stayed still, we fled our current ship on a lifeboat… but not before Bunny thanked the captain for his cooperation by shoving him off the ship, of course.

We took the lifeboat to a cave in the sea. We could see the ship well enough to notice that it was flying a flag with a dire shark on it — and while the entire ship couldn’t quite follow us into the cave, they got close enough to send some of their crew out to fight us. We managed to beat them down, but couldn’t stick around forever because they would just send more and more people out to fight us. So, we started exploring the cave…

…and ran into some uncomfortably familiar people. Crazy, creepy, naked people — the same ones that we me when we rescued Kordaric a while back. They started talking about the draconic prophecy that they believe in. “The thirteenth will defeat the dream dragon,” it says… and as vague as that is, they thought the fact that our organization was named The Thirteenth was no coincidence. They let us know that they were testing us: If we live through their challenges, we may be able to face whatever threat the “dream dragon” would pose — if we die, then we clearly weren’t the thirteenth that was mentioned in the prophecy.

Once they finished with that, they offered us some advice on where to go next — the cave we were in was at the base of a mountain, and there was a beacon at the top. The real Kordaric was still supposed to meet us, after all — he just needed to find us. So we climbed up, making our way to a snowy mountaintop with a small building on the other side of it…

…and a dragon in the middle, who had it out for us. The dragon claimed that we had killed its parents when it was just a child, and that it had been training itself up since that day to fight us and get its revenge. Our attempts to convince it otherwise — since the dragon was likely old enough that we couldn’t have done any such thing — were in vain. The dragon went down with surprisingly little trouble, however, making even Bunny feel bad about looting its horde of treasure.

We climbed to the top of the building and managed to light the magical beacon. A trio of ships came and chased the Diresharks off… flying the Seadragon flag, and with the real Kordaric on board. Once we were reunited with him and Pavis, we had a choice to make — do we let Pavis and his team take the ship and the elemental to Zilargo to make an airship with them while we head back to base, or do we go to Zilargo ourselves instead? In the end, we chose the latter option — we haven’t been there yet, after all!


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