The Treachery of Thronehold

S01E13 - The Treachery of Thronehold

Where a traitor proves easier to unmask than it is to catch


So the boss calls us in to the briefing room to talk to us, which is all well and good because man, do we have a few things to say to her. We been poking our noses around, and a lot of the things Maravakri’s been telling us, they don’t add up.

Like, she went to Sharn to recruit allies, but all she did up there was talk to Captain Kordaric to arrange the weapons drop at sea, and after that not one person saw her for two weeks. Not any of the potential team-ups, and not any of her Kalashtar buddies. Qae went and talked to their magic man, the Guru of Light, and he’d never even heard of her.

Bunny and Crow set up some fake dragonshard transactions (well okay, maybe Crow set them up and I showed up), a bunch of them, and we fed different intel to different people, to see which one got messed with. And which deal left Bunny limping and bleeding a trail back to the inn? Yeah, the one we told Maravakri about.

So, Bunny asked Fenmarel to come along to the briefing, to be witness to whatever goes down, but he said he’d wait outside. Is he afraid of Maravakri or what? Fine, we’ll deal with it.

Maravakri had two goons with her, too. Those two fighter guys, Biron and Vontriek. Loyal but not so smart. Yeah, I can see where this is going.

“They’re the traitors!” she says, and points at us. She then started reading a summoning spell off a piece of paper, only, there was no magic; she was faking it. A bunch of sahuagins were “summoned” from under the tables. At least dumb and dumber were impressed.

We fought the sea guys, and eventually Mathias convinced the two fighters that summoning evil sea-beast people isn’t something an innocent person would do. Crow picked the lock on the door and let Fenmarel in. By this time Maravakri had started making her escape – through a tiny damn hole in the wall ! She left behind her boots and staff, because they wouldn’t fit.

So remember when Ascheriit was like “maybe the boss is a changeling!” and we all had a good laugh? Guess what, yeah: doppelganger.

It was bleeding, or leaking; whatever doppelgangers do. Yoryk followed the trail over to the market district. Hey isn’t the Kundarak Vault somewhere around here….? Oh hell….

We get there, and Javek is closing up shop. He’s like “oh you just missed Fenmarel- he left with that box you guys are always taking out.” And we were like “which way did he go, man?!” and Javek was like “I was inside, he went OUT, after that, I don’t know!”

So now where did it go? Bunny and Yoryk climb a roof to get a better view. Bunny thought she saw a penny, but it was just a shiny piece of roof tile. Oh. Yoryk spotted a big commotion of people, I guess.

Everyone was excited, as excited as if the circus had come to town, and were heading off together down the streets. We ask them what’s going on, and some kid tells us that an airship has landed in town; maybe it’s giving rides! Poor kids don’t know a lot about airships. Rolen triangulates the direction they’re heading, and knows the best way to get there, so we do – fast.

The ship’s landed on top of a tavern. It’s got a big flat roof. We go inside, and we (Yoryk) see someone who looks like Fenmarel duck into the kitchen. Cue a fight scene where everyone is trying to get past Lurg the Bartender and Brawler (the biggest half orc you have ever seen). His ale is pretty good, too.

The doppelganger is trying to escape. But where? The kitchen is this tiny room. Crow pulls him closer, and we get a better look – he appears to still have the box. Suddenly stars, stars everywhere! Everybody in the kitchen with the doppelganger is dazed, and he slither-squeezes behind a box, where there is a half-hidden door open just a crack. Bunny climbs on wobbly legs after him, and uses Dimensional Thunder to teleport herself to the other side of the door, blasting him in the process. He falls down and doesn’t get up. We’re both outside, right at the foot of a set of stairs – that lead up to the roof.

Everyone else comes around. Crow stays behind to guard the doppelganger, the blueprints, and the box. Everyone else heads up to storm the airship; because we have a pretty good idea about who’s up there.

We fight a bunch of half-elf goon guards. The airship starts to take off. We head up to investigate, and find, yep, the head douchebag himself – Keldamir d’Lyrandar.

Bunny sets him on fire.

…and he does some magic kind of thing, and Pushes Mathias OFF the airship! Yoryk charges him. Suddenly there’s cackling from whatever passes for a mast on an elementally powered airship – Keldamir’s employed a harpy.

She flies down and starts blasting us around with harpy magics. Everyone is pushed to the edge of the airship. Rolen falls off. Bunny and Kavaki hang on, but they can’t move. There are more half elf goons, and they try to bull rush everyone right over the sides too. We get a couple more hits in on Keldamir, and bloody him, but eventually we all go over – all 100 feet down into the river.

Maybe he’ll remember the beating we gave him. Yeah, maybe.

Cold and wet and with varying degrees of swimming aptitude, the entire party manages to make it safely back to shore. We also captured one of Lyrandar’s goons, who also got pushed over the side.

We didn’t win, but… we didn’t lose. We kept our hard won blueprints, the foul dangerous magic box, and we figured out who the traitor was. We have the doppelganger and the goon to question.

Don’t know what’s next, but I suppose we’ll figure something out.



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