The Treachery of Thronehold

S01E11 - Tunnel under the Sound

Those Krazy Kobolds

Those Krazy Kobolds – By Shade

We got sent to rescue some kobolds. The Thirteenth had hired them on as cheap labor to dig a tunnel from the secret clubhouse we invaded a few months ago. It belonged to the Red Jackals. We figured a secret tunnel to the sea would be useful. The kobolds were digging from the clubhouse side, and some dwarves from the sea side. They would meet in the middle. No one mentioned to either side who they’d be meeting up with. Possibly this would lead to not having to pay anybody!

But we lost contact with the kobolds. Maybe the Jackals raided it. Go investigate!

We did.
We killed some of the Red Jackals who retook their secret base. The tunnel had been filled in with rocks, probably some time ago.

We dug it out.

We went in tunnels.

Holy crap, mobs of starving kobolds. Not-Garret attempted to convince them in Draconic that they didn’t need to eat us, there were some tasty new corpses just up the tunnel, and also probably stores of food. The kobolds were too frantic and starved to listen. They tried to eat us.

They nearly succeeded. Crow probably fell unconscious about 4 times. It was a really rough fight. Afterwards we stopped to lick our wounds for a five minute rest. We had exhausted our potions, healing surges, and daily abilities.

We had knocked the kobolds unconscious, and we questioned a few of them about the situation before letting them go back out the tunnel. They said that they had tunneled into a huge natural cave, full of glowing red hot stuff. And monster noises.

Bunny said: “Um. Do we need to continue on TODAY? There’s no one to rescue, no one to meet up with… we found the kobolds, we can do the rest after a good night’s sleep, right?”

Everyone else said: “Yeah, that sounds good.”

Borris said: “Suddenly, rocks fall, and everyone is trapped in the tunnel.”

Everyone said: “Well we’ll just rest here for a few hours.”

Borris said: “Suddenly, you are running out of air.”

Everyone said: “Well, exploring the lava death cave sounds pretty good too.”

So we kept going and found the sweet lava cave. There were fire bats and fire rock golems. They could stand in lava. Bunny and Crow didn’t care about being set on fire because that’s how Tieflings roll.

We defeated them.

In the room there was a giant pool of MOLTEN GOLD. Molten gold is hard to carry.

We went to the other side and began working on completing the tunnel- meeting up with the dwarves is the only way to survive. Urist directed everyone on how best to dig, and where to shore up the sides. Not-Garret said (secretly to himself) that he didn’t really need to dig, because he didn’t need to breathe. Haha! Then he either helped or pretended to, I forget. Crow dug heroically and passed out from air loss. We were almost there! We heard dwarves shouting. And we shouted back at them. Urist shouted in Dwarven.

They broke through and rescued us! We split the molten gold with them. Dwarves are better at figuring out how to transport something like that anyway.

The end.



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