Frangi Merigo

Swordmage mercenary


After having worked as a mercenary for a few years during the end of the Last War, almost exclusively for the nation of Aundair, Frangi Merigo found himself without a job following the signing of the treaty of Thronehold. Fortunately, at that point, House Orien was looking to rebuild the parts of their transportation network that had been destroyed during the War. Among his first assignments, Frangi accompanied the Trailblazers who reconnected Vulyar and Gatherhold over the Talenta Plains, where he met with Dahlia Denoriel.

When Frangi heard that Pavis d’Orien was looking for House Orien agents to do work quite similar to what he’d been used to during his time as a mercenary, he immediately volunteered. The fact that Dahlia ended up also joining Pavis’ team only made the deal even sweeter.

Frangi Merigo

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