Famous medusa painter living in Sharn


Anthroparaio is a fomous medusa painter from Droaam now residing in Sharn. Talented and exotic, her work (and company) is favored by the powerful of Sharn, Wroat, Fairhaven, Zolanberg, and even as far as Karrlakton. A Droaam expatriate, she knows her visage scares many common people. Consequently, she tends to avoid public places and wears a concealing veil whenever she has to go out. In spite of her origins, she is a kind, classy, and good lady, who can be helpful to those who see past her looks.

A peaceful soul, Anthroparaio takes great care not to activate her petrifying gaze, but has no qualms about using it if her life is theatened. She nearly reached that point when she was assaulted by a mob of Silver Flame fanatics in the backwater Aundarian village of Lemish, but she was rescued by a group of agents from the Thirteenth. Should they come to visit her studio in Sharn, she promised she would offer them one of her paintings.

Also, Crow seems to think she’s totally hot.


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