Aryande "Ande" Rygis


Half-elf Wizard (Necromancer Mage)


While most half-elves can trace their ancestry for generations without encountering anything but other half-elves, Aryande “Ande” Rygis was the unfortunate offspring of an elf and a human. Born out of the unlawful union of an Audairian elf wizard and a Thrane paladin, she was orpharned soon after following some unsavory events of the Last War. Deeply affected by the horrors of the war, her luck seemed to turn when House Lyrandar granted her a scholarship which allowed her to study wizardy at Arcanix. Her first few years completed, she was hired to work among House Lyrandar’s army of retainers and betrothed to Pelnus d’Lyrandar, a man she still hasn’t met.

Ande is obsessive, dark, of dubious morality, and has a rebellious and somewhat unhealthy fascination with necromancy. She has been described as a cold fish, being a literalist without an obvious sense of humor—metaphor usually escapes her. She can, however, be very passionate when she’s engaged with something. Mostly due to her bad encounters during the war, she is extremely accustomed to the dead and impossible to gross out with any level of gore.

Aryande "Ande" Rygis

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