Biron & Vontrieck


Human Fighter (Greatword Fighter)

Dwarf Fighter (Battleaxe Guardian)


The human Biron and the dwarf Vontrieck were enlisted to serve in the same unit of the Karrnathi army during the Last War. Over the course of battle, each came to save the other’s life: Vontrieck by shielding a wounded Biron from a volley of Cyran arrows with his own body, Biron by fetching and dragging a n unconscious Vontrieck back to the Karrnathi trenches during an assault by the Valenar cavalry. Since then, the two have been inseparable, although that latter event left both with a bitter distrust of elves.

At the end of the Last War, their respective hometowns having been devastated by the war and Karrnath lacking the funds to give its footsoldiers’ pay in full, Biron and Vontrieck were forced to accept one shady job after the other, leading them to the island of Thronehold. There they met the lady Maravakri who convinced them to join the ranks of the Thirtenth. Although not the sharpest tools in the shed, they have since been stalwartly defending the Thirteen’s headquarters against would-be thives and rival gangs. They still greatly dislike elves and eladrins but are willing to make exceptions for members of their organization.

Biron & Vontrieck

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