Fenmarel Aryvandaar

Eladrin tactician member of the Thirteenth


Eladrin Warlord (Resourceful Warlord)


Born in the eldarin city of Taer Syraen, Fenmarel found himself stuck on Eberron, like thousands others, when the feyspires failed to return to the Feywild following the Day of Mourning. Not wanting to remain holed up in the isolated Winter Citadel, left in search for allies that could help him advance in the world and found his match with the Thirteenth. Though he still has lots to learn about the world he now lives him, Fenramarel’s tactical genius means he spends most of his time crafting schemes and plans along with Maravakri. Those with an eye for such things are begining to suspect he may have a secret crush on Syraen Sorelenal.

Fenmarel Aryvandaar

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