Javek d'Kundarak

Branch manager of the small Kundarak counter in Thronehold


Dwarf Swordmage (Shielding)


As a dwarf, Javek d’Kundarak is an oddity on more than one level. He was born a member of House Kundarak, by far the most influencial of all dwarven clans, and a bearer of the Mark of Warding, setting him to become the perfect model of dwarven identity. Instead, Javek chose to be stationned at distant vaults in Zilargo, Sharn, or Aundair. While dwarves of the Mror Holds and their cousins across Khorvaire traditionally fight with axes or blunt weapons, Jelek took the time to master the art of the as sword. And if his choice to study arcane magic was unusual for a dwarven warrior, his efforts to combine it with his swordsmanship were completely unheard of.

Since the end of the Last War, Javek was sent by his family to operate the House Kundarak vault on Thronehold Island. Through his responsabilities and his inclinations, he has become a staunch ally of the Thirteenth, providing them safe headquarters and a quick way to change currency when necessary.

Javek d'Kundarak

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