Keldamir d'Lyrandar

Power-hungry noble of House Lyrandar


A high ranking noble of House Lyrandar working out of their enclave of Stormhome, Keldamir d’Lyrandar is a ruthless and ambitious as he is influential. Ever since a chance encounter with a chance encounter with some agents of the Thirteenth, he’s been using the members of the secret organization as personal pawns to further his political ambitions.

He has a fondness for storm shard crystals and likes to use them as scouts and guardians. It seems like he was the one who hired the assassins of Shadoweye’s Flock to get rid of a team of agents of the Thirteenth whil ethey were in Starilaskur, as well as the one who tipped the Red Jackals in Sharn to the Thirteenth’s presence and their responsibility in the death of their Thronehold jackal brothers.

Keldamir d’Lyrandar has also been working with sahuagins living near Sharn, and sevral hints seem to indicate that he is a worshipper of the Devourer, the lord of deep waters, of maelstrom, reef and nature’s destructive power, as well as the chief deity of the sahuagins. This is somewhat unusual for a member of House Lyrandar, given that the house has its own priesthood made of clerics of Arawai and Kol Korran.

Keldamir d'Lyrandar

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