Lord Lenorf ir'Lumm

Heretical blind knight of the Silver Flame


Human Paladin of the Silver Flame


Sole heir of the House of ir’Lumm, Lenorf had in his times garnered great fame and honour as a patron of the arts venerating the Silver Flame. His service as a Knight of the Silver Flame during the Last War left him bitter and disappointed by the men and women of the church and he forwent the classical representations of glorious priests and paladins, instead commissioning work that revealed how the Silver Flame was expressed in the labour and craft of the laity. A movement among the more orthodox clergy decried the Lenorf ir’Lumm’s artistic commissions as heretical.

In a great purge perpetrated by members of the Pure Flame sect, hundreds of paintings and statues were confiscated from the ir’Lumm estate in Lemish, and artisans and philosophers were driven from the village. Lord Lenorf was brought before the Bishop of Ghalt, Iustin at’Rox, who sentenced the Lord to a cleansing administered by Pure Flame inquisitors. Overzealous inquisitors decided that Lenorf should never be able to look upon his work again and blinded using divine magic to make sure than no traditional magic could ever restore the loss.

Lenorf was on the verge of disavowing the Silver Flame, selling his estate, and leaving the land of his birth when his faith was renewed. Voices claiming to be angels sent by the Silver Flame told him that he was to be the righteous sword to cleanse the church of its corrupted elements. After years of “guidance”, Lenorf was gifted magical eyes that allowed him to contemplate his beautiful art once again, and to see the beings of pure light that had guided him all along. But those angles were truly foul spawns from Xoriat and the eyes of Daelkyr would let him see the world only as they wanted him to see it.

Months later, sightings of the runehound, a monstrous beast that comes our of the Eldritch Groves in the area surrounding Lemish every few decades, began to add up. Still officially blind, Lernorf could not take care of his ancestral duties to defend his people. Having no guards or men-at-arms at his service, and the bishop at’Rox being unwilling to send any knights, the lord contacted a certain Matron Martra, professor of archaeology at Morgrave University in Sharn from whom he’d already purchased many recovered antiquities, asking her to aid him on his hunt. Being the last of the ir’Lumm line and with no close family, Lenorf promised to will his land to her for her research.

Of course, the request never made it to Morgrave University. Somehow, an ally of the Thirteenth intercepted the missive and sent it to Thronehold instead. A group of agents went to Lemish, with Rolen Altovar pretending to be Matron Martra, and they went to hunt the runehounds. Meanwhile, the “angels” were pushing Lernorf even closer to evil, and a late visit from bishop at’Rox allowed Lenorf to take him prisoner and attempt to burn his eyes through potent acid. Awoken by Lenorf’s butler, the Thirteenth agents rushed inside the villa and slayed the foulspawns that were passing for angels, saving the bishop’s sight and the lord’s soul. Listening to his first instincts and to the advice of his butler, Lenorf ir’Lumm prepared to leave his ancestral land and head to Sharn, where the Silver Flame was present without having force of law, signing his properties over to who he believed to be Matron Martra.

But as luck would have it, Lenorf ir’Lumm never made it more than a few feet into Sharn. Thinking that a blind, rich and middle-aged man would make for an easy target, a pickpocket attacked Lenorf at the exit of Sharn’s lightning rail station. A nasty cut left him bleeding so much that there was nothing left to do by the time House Jorasco healers could reach the scene of the crime.

Lord Lenorf ir'Lumm

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