Pavis d'Orien


Human Rogue (Trickster Rogue), skillful with both light blades and crossbows.


Pavis was born during the Last War among the branch of House Orien living in Thrane. For many years, he believed that this fact alone gave him some innate nobility and held him above the common masses, destined for a brilliant career. However, as a lesser scion of the Orien family and without the luck to be bearing the Mark of Passage, Pavis soon came to realize that his hopes to attain any position above that of simple courier within the next decade were close to none. Upset by those perspectives, he left his family’s holdings and eventually came to join the organization known as the Thirteenth on the island of Thronehold. There, he uses his knowledge of various routes and the contacts he’s kept among House Orien to arrange transportation for Thirteenth members heading on missions.

He recently recruited three members of House Orien into the Thirteenth to work as an elite field unit on missions along with himself. Other than Pavis, the team is composed of Cavazzo d’Orien, Dahlia Denoriel and Frangi Merigo.

Pavis d'Orien

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