Syraen Sorelenal

Elven diviner and necromancer working for the Thirteenth


Elf Shaman (World Speaker)


Native of Aerenal and cleric of the undying court, Syraen Sorelenal was sent to Karrnath during the Last War to serve as a liaison officer between the two nations as well as offer necromantic support to the Karrnathi forces. Just around the end of the war, Syraen belatedly manifested the Mark of Shadow, even though she couldn’t link her lineage back to House Phiarlan. Not wishing to get sucked in the bloody feud opposing House Phiarlan and House Thuranni, she sook a place where she could hide and keep a low profile, and she found it among the members of the Thirteenth.

Syraen has mastered a great number of magic ritual, mostly those that deal with the forces of nature or the spirit world. Some say the incense smoke that constantly fills her quarters and never dissipates is actually comprised of spirits she has bound to her service.

Syraen Sorelenal

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