The Treachery of Thronehold

SE02E06 - Burning Game Hunting
Be very very quiet, We're hunting for elementals.

September 30, 2011 – Elemental Hunting
By Dragonair

Now that we have a boat, we need to find a suitable power source to make it fly. Typically, airships around here are powered by enslaved elementals… so sure, we’ll try to get one of those.

We were given the items needed to summon and capture an elemental, and now had to go to an appropriate place to use those. The lava caves, which we explored and excavated back in Season 1, Episode 11, would probably be a suitable location, so we headed there. Rolen led the way, having been there before.

We took the outdoor route this time, and as we got near, we heard an owlbear. It attacked us, and its mate showed up and attacked us as well. They’re huge bear-like creatures that could be dangerous if they held you tight and bit you, but that didn’t happen often and we prevailed.

But then we came across their nest with three baby owlbears… Our party pondered for a while what to do with them. They probably wouldn’t survive long alone, given how young they were and that we probably just killed their parents… And we couldn’t take care of them ourselves, since who’s heard of domesticated owlbears?

Was there much reason to keep them alive? They’ll probably just cause trouble attacking people in the future… Well, the others wanted to help them, donating several of their rations. Then we continued into the caves.

Many slimes and couple other creatures rushed us the moment we got in. While the slimes dropped quickly, they did quite a bit of damage in a short period of time, and the hell hound’s fire breath caught us all since we remained in a tight formation. There was also a fire serpent staying hidden in the smoky areas of the cavern, which pestered us from afar, but didn’t do that much overall.

After dispatching those, we made our way to the center of the room, a section of land surrounded by lava. We did what we could to try to summon a fire elemental, creating a bonfire and using the tools that we were provided. A flamestriker and several smaller creatures appeared; perfect!

It was a rather painful fight. The other spirits immediately struck all of us with large fireballs, so many of us were rather low on health from the start, but thankfully they couldn’t use those again. Gnarl and Lumi managed to keep the Flamestriker nearby, while the spirits pelted us with firebolts from afar, or mostly Zirinee, since she’s terrible at dodging things like that. TERRIBLE.

Zir’s Stream of Life kept the rest of the party in tip-top condition, but at the cost of her own HP, which kinda didn’t help the situation that much.

When the Flamestriker was extremely wounded, it tried to make a run for it. Between Lumi’s magic missiles and Gnarl making a running leap over the lava to catch it, we downed it before it could escape. (The other enemies were dealt with swiftly afterward, through Lumi and Rolen’s ranged attacks). But now we had to keep the Flamestriker alive and capture it in a box we were given.

It still burned to touch it, and of course it didn’t want to cooperate, but with a few threats, and stabilizing it so it wouldn’t die, we stuffed it into the box.

We then left the way that we came in, saw the baby owlbears still alive, and ignored them as we returned to the Thirteenth with our elemental in tow.

S02E05 - Return to the Karrnath Vault
Where we end up trapped in the Shadowfell

We went on the mission in the first place because of a message from captain Kordaric. Prince Kolberkon, the main rival of High Prince Prince Ryger (the one for whom Kordaric is working), has struck deals with both House Lyrandar and the Order of the Emerald Claw. Kordaric had heard of a deal the Emerald Claw was able to pull for Kolberkon, but since that was taking place a lot closer to Thronehold than to the Lhazaar Principalities, he asked if the Thirteenth could take care of it. In exchange, he offered to give us one of his smaller ships to replace the one we lost on Stormhome a few months ago.

Anyway, remember our second session (season 1, episode 2), where we went to the Karrnath Vault? We had a key, spun a room, entered the Shadowfell, etc.? We had to go back there. Mara and Fen got some word of suspicious activity around there, people of the Blood of Vol (a religion) doing weird things. And also, since we ruined our boat at Stormhome way back, we needed a new one; and hey, we saw a boat last time we were in the Shadowfell…

The Mechanics took us to the area on their boat. So we walked towards the Vault, and fought some doods on the road. Our highest Charisma among our party (Yoryk, Gnarl, Lumi, Zirinee) was like 10, so we didn’t even try to Diplomacy at any point in the journey, even though most enemies sounded like they were willing to bargain.

The fight included two mounted guys and a bunch of minions (some melee, some archers); the mounted guys ran in, and pretty much ate every AoE and died. Archers were mostly picked off between Lumi’s spells and Yoryk charging everything since he can cover 16 squares in a move + charge. And at the beginning I summoned my bear spirit next to one to eat one, since summoning my companion spirit also has a range of 20.

There was no one in the courtyard of the Vault, but we encountered some undead and a hexer inside. The hexer spammed annoying debuffs: A minor Hex that would simply reduce your Atk and Damage against him (save ends), and a curse that could target hexed characters, and would cause them to be unable to use any powers for a round. Pretty bad, but he didn’t hit with that toooo often…

The giant skeletons had reach and could probably be pretty painful, but I think they borrowed your Encounter/Daily dice. You know, the d20s that might as well be d10s most of the time. They ate a couple zones of acid (or was it fire?) and grasping tides and whatnot too. There was also a vampire, which regenerated and did a fair bit of damage along with life leech, but nothing that I couldn’t outheal. Eventually it was only the hexer left, who had no real attacks and continued to spam annoyances while we beat him down.

We tried to do nonlethal damage for the finishing blow, so we could find out what they were up to, but when we knocked him out, it seemed that he poisoned himself and died anyway.

So we went into that gusty room and used the key to get to the Shadowfell. We heard some talking outside, and again, the Hexer came back. He was also accompanied by an Emerald Claw fighter dood and the Necromancer; if you remember, she managed to escape last time we fought her. The hexer was still trying to talk to us, saying that if we gave him the key, we could all return together.. but yeeah, we went with our usual strategy of killing them all. Some halfling ghost appeared out of the wall behind Yoryk and possessed him; I immediately used a half-elf racial power to grant him a saving throw, which he succeeded on.

First round of the encounter, Yoryk and Gnarl attacked the ghost. The ghost possessed Yoryk again. The Emerald Claw melee guy came closer, Necromancer shot us with a few bolts, etc… I then buffed the entire party for 4 resistance to all damage for the entire encounter, and then used an action point to get into melee range, so I could use an at-will attack that also granted someone a saving throw. I missed, but Yoryk was freed from the ghost again.

Then Lumi… first she made a huge zone (Visions of Avarice), which attempts to pull enemies into the center of the zone; if it succeeds in pulling them there, they’re immobilized until save. This pulled three enemies to there. Then she dropped another zone on the middle, which deals poison damage now, and 10 poison damage each time anyone enters the zone or starts its turn there. It also blocks line of sight.

Unfortunately the ghost and the necromancer were immune to poison. The defender guy and hexer weren’t.

So we spammed more AoE attacks on those trapped in these zones, I added another zone (which didn’t do anything at all since no one ever ended its turn there).. the Hexer had a way to teleport outside of Visions of Avarice’s range, but the poor soldier eventually died from all the zones while being immobilized and so, without having attacked at all.

The ghost managed to fail all its future possession attempts, so it was mostly just being a nuisance. Its two successful attacks dealt 5 and 4 damage, but with 4 damage resistance, that’s an effective total of 1 damage throughout the encounter.

Yoryk ate a bunch of hexes and got turned into a helpless critter many times, and the necromancer still did a lot of damage by spamming triple force bolt (which had a 50% chance to recharge each turn). Lumi moved around her poison zone to chase the Hexer and block line of sight and so, and eh, eventually we killed them all.

With his dying breath though, the Hexer attacked Yoryk, trying to get the key.

Anyway, so we saw the boat, and wasn’t sure what to do with it. On it, we found some scrolls for a ritual that could allow us to travel between the Eberron and the Shadowfell, in certain areas where the sun never reached. We weren’t sure what to do with this boat, but hey, if it’s still here, it’ll probably still be here next time we come here.

We headed back to try to get back to the real world… and the key broke. Apparently the Hexer cursed it with his final attack. So now that we couldn’t get back… we decided to take a journey on the boat.

Apparently the river looked semi-similar to one in Eberron. Not quite identical, but those of us who knew the area (Yoryk and I having great Nature checks) could draw some parallels. So we traveled southwest on the Shadowfell version of the Karrn river, towards where Thronehold should be. The land in the Shadowfell was apparently more compact or so too, so traveling in the Shadowfell was a lot quicker. As we approached there, a bunch of Shadowfell bats seemed eager to attack us… Lumi used Pyrotechnics to scare them off a bit, but apparently with a good enough Nature check, I managed to convince them not to eat us. Handle Animal equivalent and whatnot.

The current was getting stronger, but underneath a bridge it was pitch black.. so we tried steering there and using the ritual, and keeping the boat steady in the shadows as Lumi cast it. We succeeded well enough, and apparently were now in Eberron, close to Thronehold, on our new boat. We came back long before the Mechanics did.

And they complained that during the night, they were attacked by four changelings that looked like us.

S02E04 - In the Depth Off Sharn
Hey! The boss's back! (For real this time.)

Finally, Maravakri’s back with us! She was weak and she’s now getting some rest, under the clerics’ care.

The last day of our trip to Sharn… didn’t consist of too much other than fighting. Or well, we took a ship towards the Sahuagins’ lair, and while on it, Yoryk cast a ritual to speak to the elemental spirits. He asked them a few questions, such as where exactly their base was, and… I have to admit I wasn’t actually paying much attention.

Anyway. We were given some iron boots so that we could walk along the sea floor, and with the scroll of underwater breathing in effect, we headed into the water in search of the sahuagin hideout.

Upon reaching the bottom we ran into a few zombies and a shark. The shark was quite dangerous, with the zombies being slightly less of a threat… except for when they were killed (or killed again, as it may be), exploding into a gooey mess on anyone near them. I wasn’t really affected by that, staying near the back as always, though their seeping guts might leave a stain…

Bunny took the brunt of exploding zombie parts, and the shark appeared to enjoy playing with Yoryk. (Most meat, I guess.) Smasher helped patch everyone up though, and we continued onward after slaying the shark.

The sahuagin probably didn’t expect anyone to enter, so their guard was low. They rushed us mostly with melee attacks, clustering up close… Perfect. Many fell to an onslaught of large spells, Yoryk’s thorn sprays, and Bunny spinning wildly with her sword. I’ve never seen her so enthusiastic! Mostly about the Seahorse figurine… one of the guards rode a large seahorse, which is apparently a small magical figurine which can become a mountable seahorse. I don’t imagine we’ll be in water that frequently for it to be of much use… but who am I to say anything?

We made it through that battle mostly unharmed. I used one of thier priests as a living missile, smashing him into his friends and into our wide-ranged attacks, and it’s the first time I’ve been able to use anyone as a living missile for that long. Most foes seem to be able to shrug off the spell after only a short moment.

Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the next battle. Remember the other day, when the priest we captured told us that the baron would kill us? He didn’t.. but he was no pushover, that’s certain. The baron was a massive creature with four arms… he must’ve been nine or ten feet tall!

He was accompanied by one priest and a handful of minor guards. The latter were taken care of in a flash.. I’m still not sure if we should’ve killed the priest much sooner. As is, we focused fire on the baron. We had to use everything we had to overcome him, and even then, Bunny and Smasher were knocked out a few times. Yoryk’s magical staff shielded him from most of the damage he took, and well, I never was attacked. I hid far, far away while focusing my psionic attacks through my shaped consciousness, which I’m glad wasn’t attacked either.

The priest inflicted much pain too, through his spectral jaws spell. I still haven’t felt it, but I can only imagine, going from my allies’ looks…

It wasn’t pretty. But we survived. After getting Bunny and Smasher back to their senses, and taking a break to get ourselves refreshed a bit, we heard noises… More sahuagin were coming from where we entered. We had to leave this area and find Maravakri quickly.

We guessed where she might be, and luckily enough we did find her. Not in the greatest shape, but nonetheless. Smasher tried to lock the doors and Bunny helped barricade the door to slow down those fish guys chasing us, but it delayed them only so much. It took a few minutes for me to use the scroll to open a portal back to our base, while the other three held them off. The portal was opened without interruption, and we ran through, though the sahuagin did as well… but luckily, Pavis and some of his new friends were waiting there, and we dispatched the fishmen without any trouble. So now Maravakri is back with us, and we got medics to take care of her.

Glad to see that the Thirteenth has some new recruits. Pavis will probably be heading out on missions with them… hopefully that doesn’t mean that we get to use his teleporter less…

It’s been about four months since I’ve joined the Thirteenth… it’s mostly been a good experience. Just one tiny thing … I wonder if I should say anything. I don’t really mind it… At this point, since I’ve delayed it so long, maybe I’ll leave it be…

- Qae

S02E03 - City Jackals

While you were browsing the streets of Lower Dura, shopping for the scrolls and ritual components you would need to go rescue Maravakri, cries for help lured you outside. There, a cave bear and a shadow hound were chasing a group of bystanders. Among them, a bloodied razorclaw shifter youth, with the back of his hair dyed a dark red like the Red Jackals tend to do, bumped into whoever was carrying the scroll as he ran away from the bear. As she also tried to get away, a little girl found herself caught between Crow and the bear and got lacerated to death by its claws. It’s only when the two beasts were defeated that you realized the scrolls and components had been stolen. You immediately suspected the razorclaw shifter. Fortunately, he had been wounded by the bear and was bleeding profusely, which made following his trail quite easy.

Following the trail of blood drops, and asking the occasional eyewitness, you were able to track the thief all the way to an entrance to the sewers. Judging from the amount of blood he’d lost, the shifter should be barely able to stand. As with nearly every construction in The Depths, the sewers had been turned into a giant squat and were bustling with activity. AS you kept advancing in the wide tunnel, you reached a place called the Rat’s Market. As soon as you entered the marketplace, everyone froze and backed off as much as possible, putting away fragile or valuable merchandise and hiding behind crates and doors. Waiting for you was a pack of gnolls, all displaying the colours of the Red Jackals. As they closed on you, they claimed your visit in Sharn had come to an end and that it was your turned to die in an ambush. You proved them wrong by being way tougher than they would have expected, and by keeping the melee fighters weakened and disheartened. An archer staying in the back ended up dealing a lot of damage, but he became powerless when cornered against the wall.

As you were asking around to understand what was going on, shopkeepers and patrons informed you that the gnolls had set up the ambush a full hour earlier and had all readied their weapons the second they’d seen your group come in. The razorclaw shifter had also passed through the market a short time before you. He was hurt but still able to run, and had gotten rid of a package that ended up being a dead chicken that had been squeezed of almost all of its blood. It seems like some or all of the bloodstains you’d been following were in fact chicken blood. It sounded like a trap, but the shifter still had your scroll and components, and since a single day could make a huge difference for Maravakri, you pushed forward into the sewer tunnels.

The next section of the tunnels didn’t appear to be anyone’s home. The tunnel was somewhat narrower and didn’t have any sidewalks, meaning you had to wade knee-deep through sewage water. Furthermore, there was no source of light anymore, so you had to light your way with a sunrod, making your group a juicy target for ambushers. AS the main corridor gave way to a network of smaller tunnel, you heard the sound of people moving. Surely there were more Red Jackals waiting for you, but they were either hiding behind walls or beyond the reach of your sunrod so there was nothing you could do without getting closer to them. As Smasher moved forward, an enormous, sickly-green creature burst out of the water and tried to grab him with its tentacles. The creature was an otyugh, a dangerous monster that typically feeds on refuse and carrion, but which are sometimes trained as guardian by conditioning them to recognize what creatures they can or can’t eat. As the party was dealing with the tentacled beast, four gnolls came out of the shadows, fighting either with their claws or shortbows. Although they too were slowed down by the water, pushed in the current position very recently. Using all your strength, you managed to move the boulder far enough to allow yourselves to enter the tunnel in a row.

Although you expected the ambush in the network of caverns ahead, there was little you could do to get ready for it. In the middle of the way stood another shadow hound, dimming the light around it so that those among you without low-light vision were forced to fight at a disadvantage. Of course, on top of their great speed, gnolls all have good night vision, so they begun with the upper hand. Coming from the rooms all around were a burly gnoll fighting with a morningstar make out of the rotting jaws and teeth of large creatures, as well as two shifters, one longtooth and one razorclaw, the latter being the thief you’d been chasing all this time, and apprently healed of all the wounds he displayed backed in Dura. Beyond all of these was an old cloaked gnoll, perhaps some sort of shaman, who began the fight by summoning a pack of ghostly hyenas. Hiding behind his allies, he would teleport his lackeys around the battlefield and shoot powerful bolts of necrotic energy. When the shaman fell, only the longtooth shifter was still alive, and he quickly offered his surrender.

Nicknamed “Sherman” for some reason, he quickly showed you where the scrolls had been stored and helped you grab a few choice items from his pack’s possessions. He could also be squeezed for some information. There is little communication between the various cells of Red Jackals in Sharn, and those you fought were barely aware of the existence of a cell in Thronehold. But some guy who came to make some deal informed them that the Thronehold Red Jackals had been decimated and that the ones responsible were in town right now. After a pair of bugbears and three hired thugs failed to get rid of them, a plan was devised by the cell’s leader to lure the enemies in the warrens where they would meet an untimely doom. Except you were much stronger than expected and you ended up destroying the entire cell of Red Jackals. As for the guy who gave the information, Sharman doesn’t know his name but describes him as a tall and burly half-elf with blond hair, a long grey cloak, and a mean-looking rapier. It sure sounds like Keldamir to me.

S02E02 - In the Depths of Sharn

translated from Abyssal
Just so you know, I have a hard enough time remembering what I had for breakfast, much less what happened several days ago. I will do my best to recall everything that happened during our last mission.

Fenmarel called us to the usual place, and let us know that Ragnum was in a locked in a small cellar and was available for interrogation. Crow and Bunny both wanted to knock him around a bit (and by “knock around” I mean “cut off his legs.”), and I have to admit that I wasn’t terribly adverse to the idea. However, we eventually determined that, in order to glean as much information as we could from him, that we should use less traumatic forms of questioning. Eventually, Ragnum gave us some vague directions to a warehouse in Sharn that Maravakri was supposedly held for a time. Deciding that this is likely the best lead we had, we booked travel to Sharn via the various agencies.

Upon reaching Sharn, we began to look for the warehouse Ragnum described. It was apparently in one of the more run-down parts of the city, though the exact name of the district escapes me. We eventually found the right warehouse, which was dug into the very walls of the street. While scouting ahead a bit, I noticed that there was a lone guard standing before the entrance of the warehouse. Bunny was close by, with the others hanging back in case something happened. Deciding that it would be better to take them by surprise, I charged in and tackled the sentry to the ground as quietly as I could. Surprisingly, it seemed that I was almost successful in avoiding detection, but a single voice cried out in alarm from within the warehouse. After that, Bunny took a point position in front of the door and from there, combat was joined.

The occupants of the warehouse were not who we were expecting. It seems that the majority of the defenders were vagrants who simply moved into the warehouse after the previous owners left. However, they were not the type to sit back and answer our questions, and countered our initial assault fervently. Fortunately, the majority of the defenders were less than a threat, with only a female with a large shield and a mage posing any sort of difficulty. After defeating the woman, who seemed to know little and less of the previous occupants, did manage to point us towards someone who might know where information about Maravakri could be found; a certain tavern that is often frequented by the sahuagin. We debated for a moment about whether we should leave the woman behind or take her with us, eventually deciding that she would be more of a hindrance than anything and left her to care for her comrades.

Upon making our way to the tavern, we passed through one of the less run-down parts of the district. However, this was not to say that it was any safer; we spotted a large figure with a javelin atop a bridge above us. We then heard the call of a particular breed of bird.. one that does not live anywhere near Sharn. Immediately afterwards, additional figures appeared from nowhere, weapons brandished. Bunny quickly teleported atop the bridge to join battle with the figures there(a bugbear and a halfling, I believe), while Qae was quickly throttled about by another bugbear. After rushing forward and breaking the bugbear’s grip, Qae launched it away, bashing it into one of the other enemies in the process. After that, it was a fairly simple task of cleaning up the ambushers, who apparently were not expecting their quarry to put up such a fight.

Shortly after that battle, we came across the tavern we had been directed to. Within, we found the sahuagin in deep debate with several human sailors. After listening for a moment, we determined that they were negotiating a business transaction, a transfer of weapons to be exact. Some of those weapons sounded suspiciously like those we lost during the failed sea exchange all those weeks ago. Qae and Crow moved in to the group and attempted to enter negotiations as well… and apparently did rather well, as the note of interest that crept into the sahuagin’s tone could attest. However, the humans we less than pleased, and Smasher and I prepared to dive in should there be a need. I am not sure how she managed it, but Qae somehow got the sahuagin leader to think that we were the original buyers, and that we had even already put down a down payment for the merchandise. This was apparently the last straw for the humans, who had several angry words for the sahuagin as well as for Crow and Qae. They left angrily, and the sahuagin’s followers quickly converged on their leader, confused about the transaction’s turn of events. It seemed as if the charade was about to end, as the leader of the sahuagin turned to Qae and asked who we were, as well as where our down payment for the merchandise was. During this time, Bunny carefully made her way to the entrance of the tavern in order to block the exit. Qae seemed to stumble for the first time here, unsure how to continue and taking a step back from the increasingly angry sahuagin. Deciding that this was an ideal time to attack, I quickly conjured a Sandstorm near the tavern’s exit, protecting Bunny by the buffeting winds. Then, though sheer force of will, I summoned deadly Hell Ivy under the feet of the sahuagin leader and his guard (which including one of Keldamir’s storm shards, interestingly enough). After being placed in such a disadvantageous position, it was a simple matter of dealing with the sahuagin. Smasher did not even have to leave his bar stool, crushing sahuagin skulls from where he sat. Bunny seemed to be dissatisfied with her role as guard, but she did manage to draw blood of her own, which I do hope was some consolation.

After dealing with the sahuagin’s guard, we quickly knocked him unconscious and began to hurry from the tavern. However, it seemed as if the storm shard’s final attack caught one of the tavern’s patrons in the blast, killing him. That would likely bring unwanted attention to our organization, which would make operating within Sharn rather difficult. Thankfully, Bunny quickly came up with an ingenious solution, shouting “House Lyrandar sends its regards!” as we fled the scene. I am unsure what will result from that, but it could not be any worse than the death being blamed on us. Regardless, we managed to drag the unconscious sahuagin to an alley where, upon being coaxed back into consciousness, we performed a quick interrogation. It seemed that someone matching Maravakri’s description was being held at the sahuagin’s den, which was located in The Hilt. After gathering enough information to allow us to locate the den, we decided to send word back to Fenmarel that we were continuing with our investigation into Maravakri’s whereabouts. We planned to acquire a scroll of Water Breathing, as well as a Teleportation scroll, and began making preparations for our next move.

S02E01 - The Big Rescue
Where we revisit some of House Lyrandar's holdings

S01E13 - The Treachery of Thronehold
Where a traitor proves easier to unmask than it is to catch


So the boss calls us in to the briefing room to talk to us, which is all well and good because man, do we have a few things to say to her. We been poking our noses around, and a lot of the things Maravakri’s been telling us, they don’t add up.

Like, she went to Sharn to recruit allies, but all she did up there was talk to Captain Kordaric to arrange the weapons drop at sea, and after that not one person saw her for two weeks. Not any of the potential team-ups, and not any of her Kalashtar buddies. Qae went and talked to their magic man, the Guru of Light, and he’d never even heard of her.

Bunny and Crow set up some fake dragonshard transactions (well okay, maybe Crow set them up and I showed up), a bunch of them, and we fed different intel to different people, to see which one got messed with. And which deal left Bunny limping and bleeding a trail back to the inn? Yeah, the one we told Maravakri about.

So, Bunny asked Fenmarel to come along to the briefing, to be witness to whatever goes down, but he said he’d wait outside. Is he afraid of Maravakri or what? Fine, we’ll deal with it.

Maravakri had two goons with her, too. Those two fighter guys, Biron and Vontriek. Loyal but not so smart. Yeah, I can see where this is going.

“They’re the traitors!” she says, and points at us. She then started reading a summoning spell off a piece of paper, only, there was no magic; she was faking it. A bunch of sahuagins were “summoned” from under the tables. At least dumb and dumber were impressed.

We fought the sea guys, and eventually Mathias convinced the two fighters that summoning evil sea-beast people isn’t something an innocent person would do. Crow picked the lock on the door and let Fenmarel in. By this time Maravakri had started making her escape – through a tiny damn hole in the wall ! She left behind her boots and staff, because they wouldn’t fit.

So remember when Ascheriit was like “maybe the boss is a changeling!” and we all had a good laugh? Guess what, yeah: doppelganger.

It was bleeding, or leaking; whatever doppelgangers do. Yoryk followed the trail over to the market district. Hey isn’t the Kundarak Vault somewhere around here….? Oh hell….

We get there, and Javek is closing up shop. He’s like “oh you just missed Fenmarel- he left with that box you guys are always taking out.” And we were like “which way did he go, man?!” and Javek was like “I was inside, he went OUT, after that, I don’t know!”

So now where did it go? Bunny and Yoryk climb a roof to get a better view. Bunny thought she saw a penny, but it was just a shiny piece of roof tile. Oh. Yoryk spotted a big commotion of people, I guess.

Everyone was excited, as excited as if the circus had come to town, and were heading off together down the streets. We ask them what’s going on, and some kid tells us that an airship has landed in town; maybe it’s giving rides! Poor kids don’t know a lot about airships. Rolen triangulates the direction they’re heading, and knows the best way to get there, so we do – fast.

The ship’s landed on top of a tavern. It’s got a big flat roof. We go inside, and we (Yoryk) see someone who looks like Fenmarel duck into the kitchen. Cue a fight scene where everyone is trying to get past Lurg the Bartender and Brawler (the biggest half orc you have ever seen). His ale is pretty good, too.

The doppelganger is trying to escape. But where? The kitchen is this tiny room. Crow pulls him closer, and we get a better look – he appears to still have the box. Suddenly stars, stars everywhere! Everybody in the kitchen with the doppelganger is dazed, and he slither-squeezes behind a box, where there is a half-hidden door open just a crack. Bunny climbs on wobbly legs after him, and uses Dimensional Thunder to teleport herself to the other side of the door, blasting him in the process. He falls down and doesn’t get up. We’re both outside, right at the foot of a set of stairs – that lead up to the roof.

Everyone else comes around. Crow stays behind to guard the doppelganger, the blueprints, and the box. Everyone else heads up to storm the airship; because we have a pretty good idea about who’s up there.

We fight a bunch of half-elf goon guards. The airship starts to take off. We head up to investigate, and find, yep, the head douchebag himself – Keldamir d’Lyrandar.

Bunny sets him on fire.

…and he does some magic kind of thing, and Pushes Mathias OFF the airship! Yoryk charges him. Suddenly there’s cackling from whatever passes for a mast on an elementally powered airship – Keldamir’s employed a harpy.

She flies down and starts blasting us around with harpy magics. Everyone is pushed to the edge of the airship. Rolen falls off. Bunny and Kavaki hang on, but they can’t move. There are more half elf goons, and they try to bull rush everyone right over the sides too. We get a couple more hits in on Keldamir, and bloody him, but eventually we all go over – all 100 feet down into the river.

Maybe he’ll remember the beating we gave him. Yeah, maybe.

Cold and wet and with varying degrees of swimming aptitude, the entire party manages to make it safely back to shore. We also captured one of Lyrandar’s goons, who also got pushed over the side.

We didn’t win, but… we didn’t lose. We kept our hard won blueprints, the foul dangerous magic box, and we figured out who the traitor was. We have the doppelganger and the goon to question.

Don’t know what’s next, but I suppose we’ll figure something out.

S01E11 - Tunnel under the Sound
Those Krazy Kobolds

Those Krazy Kobolds – By Shade

We got sent to rescue some kobolds. The Thirteenth had hired them on as cheap labor to dig a tunnel from the secret clubhouse we invaded a few months ago. It belonged to the Red Jackals. We figured a secret tunnel to the sea would be useful. The kobolds were digging from the clubhouse side, and some dwarves from the sea side. They would meet in the middle. No one mentioned to either side who they’d be meeting up with. Possibly this would lead to not having to pay anybody!

But we lost contact with the kobolds. Maybe the Jackals raided it. Go investigate!

We did.
We killed some of the Red Jackals who retook their secret base. The tunnel had been filled in with rocks, probably some time ago.

We dug it out.

We went in tunnels.

Holy crap, mobs of starving kobolds. Not-Garret attempted to convince them in Draconic that they didn’t need to eat us, there were some tasty new corpses just up the tunnel, and also probably stores of food. The kobolds were too frantic and starved to listen. They tried to eat us.

They nearly succeeded. Crow probably fell unconscious about 4 times. It was a really rough fight. Afterwards we stopped to lick our wounds for a five minute rest. We had exhausted our potions, healing surges, and daily abilities.

We had knocked the kobolds unconscious, and we questioned a few of them about the situation before letting them go back out the tunnel. They said that they had tunneled into a huge natural cave, full of glowing red hot stuff. And monster noises.

Bunny said: “Um. Do we need to continue on TODAY? There’s no one to rescue, no one to meet up with… we found the kobolds, we can do the rest after a good night’s sleep, right?”

Everyone else said: “Yeah, that sounds good.”

Borris said: “Suddenly, rocks fall, and everyone is trapped in the tunnel.”

Everyone said: “Well we’ll just rest here for a few hours.”

Borris said: “Suddenly, you are running out of air.”

Everyone said: “Well, exploring the lava death cave sounds pretty good too.”

So we kept going and found the sweet lava cave. There were fire bats and fire rock golems. They could stand in lava. Bunny and Crow didn’t care about being set on fire because that’s how Tieflings roll.

We defeated them.

In the room there was a giant pool of MOLTEN GOLD. Molten gold is hard to carry.

We went to the other side and began working on completing the tunnel- meeting up with the dwarves is the only way to survive. Urist directed everyone on how best to dig, and where to shore up the sides. Not-Garret said (secretly to himself) that he didn’t really need to dig, because he didn’t need to breathe. Haha! Then he either helped or pretended to, I forget. Crow dug heroically and passed out from air loss. We were almost there! We heard dwarves shouting. And we shouted back at them. Urist shouted in Dwarven.

They broke through and rescued us! We split the molten gold with them. Dwarves are better at figuring out how to transport something like that anyway.

The end.

S01E10 - Blind Man's Hunt
Incomplete log by Dragonair

Apparently we were on some mission to convince some rich blind guy (Lord Lenorf Ir’Lumm) to sign some will with us in it. I think Rolen was pretending to be that lord’s inheritor Matron Martra, or something.

[Side note: That snake lady’s name was Anthroparaio. I wasn’t here for the talk with her, but I figure whoever writes the first part will want to remember that name.]

So after we arrived at the Ir’Lumm Villa, we stayed in a guest room until dinner time, talking with Lenorf’s butler, Luminel, and learning the story of how Lenorf lost his eyesight. He was a paladin of the Silver Flame, and the church didn’t like his choice of art (being heretical against the church of the Silver Flame), so they plucked his eyes out and seared the wounds so that they couldn’t be healed.

Around dinner time we also checked out the house’s gallery. One notable statue was of some guy with three hounds… He was a knight of the Silver Flame, whose pride caused him to accidentally unseal some demon, whom he then gave up his life to kill, and thus signifying some importance about sacrifice and humility and whatnot. Blah blah blah history lesson.

For some reason we had to go hunt some hounds. I think this was done as a favour or to gain some favour, that sorta stuff. All of the sightings and attacks and so have been reported to be at night, but we hunted it in the day so that we wouldn’t be fighting in darkness.

We zoned and immediately found some large wolf-like tracks. How linearly convenient. Our relatively more stealthy people attempted to scout ahead, but these creatures had really good senses and we couldn’t sneak up on them. There were some two-headed demon-looking dog things. Two-headed dire wolves, apparently, with fancy magical runes on their skin.

Eventually they died. Too lazy to recount the battle.

We explored the ruins a little bit, and in a dark corridor we found a letter that never made it to its recipient. Upon reading it, apparently some bishop guy (who was also coming over today) was planning to sell some of the Ir’Lumm paintings…

We returned to the Ir’Lumm Villa to report our findings… first question Lenorf asked however, was if we brought back any of the runes on the wolf corpses. We so didn’t. But then we gave him the letter; his butler read it out loud, which sent Lenorf into a rage.

He wanted us to stay for the night since he didn’t trust the bishop anymore. The Lord and bishop argued a bunch over dinner while we listened from the next room.

Before we went to bed, the Lord asked us to make sure the bishop doesn’t leave during the night. So we got ready to take shifts watching exits.

However, during the night, butler Luminel ran to our guest house and woke us up, terrified. He stuttered as he told us that Lord Lenorf was going insane, was probably going to kill the bishop, and had a bunch of angels with him. He told us that they went to the gallery.

We followed him to the main house entrance. Inside the house, we saw fires; the gallery had a fire, and the rooms that the bishop and so stayed in had fires too. Luminel ran outside to the front to look for other help, and we never heard from him again. And apparently none of us cared enough to check up on the bishop, but I guess that turned out to be okay.

Bunny passes her ‘Kick-down-the-door’ check to the dining room and gallery.

Meanwhile, it seems some other priesty guys (who were with the bishop) were watching our guest house like we were trying to watch them. Boo.

Anyway. In the dining room, two of the bishop’s guards were dead, having been attacked by some weird creatures. There were two hobgoblin-like creatures with tentacles (Dolgaunts), then there were another two that sorta looked like goblins with two pairs of eyes and two pairs of arms and so, each dual-wielding crossbows (Dolgrims). Some types of aberrations.

And there were a few Cavern Chokers which were hiding on the ceiling and kinda got the jump on us that entered the room, but they missed miserably.

Early into the fight, Rolen ran out to yell at the priest guys that were spying on us, telling them that there were demons attacking us inside. This garnered their attention. But then we killed all the enemies before they arrived. They ran to the guest rooms that were on fire; the fire wasn’t that bad so they had no trouble putting it out.

In one room, another two of the bishop’s guards were dead. They seemed to be dead before the oil lamp was knocked over (which caused the fire). And the bishop wasn’t in his room…

After a short rest, we went up to the gallery, where we heard a crying/screaming voice… Bunny failed the door-kick roll, so Garrett picked the lock, and we found the bishop tied up, with Lord Lenorf pouring acid on him, and three other Dolgaunt and Dolgarr abberations. Lenorf apparently gained some creepy Beholder-type eyes.

Being blind, Lenorf believed that he was being guided by angels of the Silver Flame, though these were actually the aberrations..

Anyway, after a ridiculously long battle, we downed the three aberrations and knocked Lenorf unconscious. We removed the demonic stuff from him and managed to convince him that his so-called angels so weren’t angels.

The bishop simply left with his remaining guards.

After some boring talking, Lenorf signed the will, handing everything over to Matron Martra. Mission accomplished!

+642 exp, bringing the total to 4887. +125 gp per player.

Cooments by Borris

The statue of the guy with three hounds was part of the fountain in the outside courtyard. It represented Minar ir’Lumm, a distant ancestor of Lenorf ir’Lumm who helped eradicate a goblin temple in the Eldritch Wood. His skill as a hunter earned him the nickname “The Hound” and he’s the reason which the it’Lumm coat of arms shows three bloodhounds.

The large statue in the middle of the gallery did depict a legendary saint of the Silver Flame, a cleric of the whose pride led to prove his supremacy by unleashing an imprisoned Khyber demon. Except he found himself overmatched and could only defeat the creature at the cost of his life. The Church sees the story as demonstrating the necessity of humility and sacrifice to keep evil at bay, as well as a reminder not to taunt the devil.

Hunting down the runehound(s) was indeed part of the request Lenorf made to Matron Martra, but which got diverted to your hands instead. Apparently, the beasts reappear in the woods every generation or two and it’s traditionally seen as the duty of the ir’Lumm lord to stop it. But given that Lenorf was blind and without any men-at-arms at his service, he had to request outside assistance.

There was no fire coming from the gallery. Only the rooms given to the bishop and his guards had started to burn. The priesty guy with the bishop, the local priest of the Silver Flame, and teh one who was leading the stoning on the medusa painter when the PCs arrived in the village. He’s pretty much the bishop’s lackey in Lemish. The other men with them were the bishop’s personal bodyguards.


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