The Treachery of Thronehold

S01E06 - Pavis' Passage to Passage to Pass a Ship Captain Gold
I'm Sorry, But the Captain is in Another.. Something.

So remember a few weeks ago, we had to meet with a Captain Kordaric on a ship? Apparently we’re off to look for him again to deliver his money, this time in the city of Passage (home of the Dragonmarked House Orien).

Pavis d’Orien (NPC) was established with that House, so he helped us with a coach to there. However, as we neared Passage, we were attacked by a few gnomes, humans, and a wolf. They said they’d spare us if we gave them the gold… so it seems somehow they knew we had gold?..

Urist (Jaya’s Artificer) claims we need the money for booze, so no deal. Bunny took all the damage while we killed most, but one gnome hid and got away. Pavis also got knocked out early on, but all went well.

When we arrived in Passage, Captain Kordaric was nowhere to be found. It was arranged for him to stay at an Orien house, but he wasn’t there; however, it seemed that he may have been at one bar a couple nights ago, outdrinking all the locals before leaving.

It also appears that it’s not common for bandits to attack House Orien coaches around here; none have been attacked for months.

We spent a lot of time asking around for if anyone’s seen Kordaric and whatnot. Apparently he’s been presenting himself as Duke Eytan Kordaric; seems many Lhazaarites use fancy titles like that. I think we should go there to get some.

Anyway, seems Kordaric took a boat with a bunch of fishermen shortly after he left the bar earlier. We attempted to get some information about these fishermen or their boat and so; Rolen had to intimidate the port clerk for information. We learned that some fishermen had their boat stolen a couple days ago. We managed to find its owner and attempted to talk to him.

He was grumpy, but eventually told us that the boat had a leak in it, so that it couldn’t have gone far before sinking. We looked around for more clues before heading out. Apparently there’s only one notable island nearby… supposedly most people avoid this island due to there supposedly being a monster there, which was making a lot of noise, wailing and crying three nights ago…

We also checked back at the bar, it seems that Kordaric and several others borrowed a private room, and after searching it, seems the captain’s hat remained here, and his drinks were spiked.

The captain’s hat had a lavender feather. Bunny’s sprite was changed very quickly to reflect this sweet acquisition.

We headed back to the docks to see if we could get a boat to go to that island. No fishermen were willing to part with their boats, so we could only borrow some lousy little raft.

While out at sea, wild monsters appeared! Three bloodhawks, a craud, and some crocodile. But this isn’t a video game, so being attacked by a random group of creatures like this is unusual…

Poor craud rolled 1 on its first three attacks. The first actual attack against it was a 1 too though. Anyway, we killed them all with mostly spells and thrown boomerang swords and whatnot. Asheriit continues to regret not having javelins (as he has no ranged attacks).

We arrived at the island and found Captain Kordaric’s cloak and travel documents. (Urist’s sprite was changed quickly to reflect this, but probably not the way he expected it to.) We also came across a green dragon corpse.. From what we could tell, it was killed around three days ago, and a lot of things devoured its body quite quickly.

We started looking around the island some more, and came across a bunch of centipedes nibbling on more of Kordaric’s stuff. We engaged them. After Bunny struck the centipedes with a sword burst, she and Asheriit noticed a small black dragon hiding off in the corner, which seemed to disappear from sight..

After a couple more blasts at the centipede swarms, the little black dragon came out and blasted most of our group with acid. … two little black dragons. They missed with most subsequent acid breaths though. Bunny wanted to keep one of the dragons as a pet, so she dealt nonlethal damage to knock it out, and the other dragonling flew away. Oh wait, it came back to attack us some more, and we killed it dead.

Searching the island more, we met two ominous figures. They said things like “Given all the clues we gave you, we expected you to get here several hours earlier… The captain’s in the back; we’re done with him…” It appeared as if they were watching us like it were some kind of game (which in a way it is, but let’s not go there).

They didn’t try to stop us or anything as we passed them and found Kordaric, who was upon a pile of treasure! And he was unconscious with a large gash across the neck, but treasure.

A Frostwolf Pelt cloak that grants cold resistance, Wavestrider Boots that allow the user to walk on water, Gauntlets of Blood which increase damage against bloodied targets, and a tome filled with several arcane rituals. Qae got the latter two (though the rituals can be shared); Urist reluctantly took the cloak. Boo, no one really wanted the boots? I would’ve used them for fun, but there’s a loot limit.

After looting, the ominous figures told us that it was time to go, and teleported us to some House Orien estate courtyard. (Eventually we guessed they were a half-drow and half-medusa.)

Captain Kordaric recovered shortly afterward, and since we saved his life, he gladly kept his alliance with the Thirteenth, and he let us keep the gold that was for him, but at the cost of us having to return his hat and cloak. And he’s still wondering who sunk his ship earlier. Eventually we all took the lightning rail to Thronehold.

But how was the information leaked? Do we have a mole in the Thirteenth? And will Asheriit finally get some javelins? Stay tuned next time on the Treachery of Thronehold!

+520 XP, bringing the total to 2554. Level up!

S01E05 - Goons' Productive Day Off
Scenic Tour of the Thronehold Crime Scene

By Shade

In partnership with House Lyrandar the Thirteenth is thriving. Business is boomering and operatives are operating. However, this week that means that people at the higher levels are monopolizing mission time, and our particular “heroes” are at loose ends. Bunny immediately suggests that they go drinking. I’m not sure if that was where we were going, but on the way out of one the secret exits, we stumbled into a brawl!

Some shifters and a half orc were beating up a dwarf, but they legged it when they saw us coming. There were some dead goblins strewn about, and a non-functioning warforged collapsed near a wall. The dwarf was like, “who are you?” and we were all “It’s me, Bunny!” and this time it actually worked, because the dwarf was like “oh I see, we were looking for you. Attack them.” And then we rolled initiative.

There was fighting. I think Bunny actually hit someone with Booming Blade. Also maybe she died for a little while. But we won, and killed the dwarf and his mechanical minions.

Note: this particular secret exit was near a bakery, which is owned by the Thirteenth. It’s probably a front for all kinds of shady deals. After a little detective work, we discovered that the brawl we had stumbled into was a confrontation between two local crime factions – The Mechanics and the Red Jackals. They were both likely here to do something to the third up and coming faction – us.

Then the cops came.

There was one little dude with a big ass hat, and he was in charge.

Hatdwarf: “So what are you doing covered in blood, surrounded by corpses?”
Bunny: “What corpses?”
Hatdwarf: points “Those corpses.”
Bunny: “….oh THOSE. Those were there when we got here.”
Hatdwarf: “Well. You and your weapons are covered in blood”
Bunny: “oh.. well yes. We did kill the dwarf. But those goblins were already dead.”
Hatdwarf: “I think we should take you in for questioning.”
Ascheriit: “And the dwarf was self-defense, he attacked us!”
Bunny: “Yeah we were going to get pastries.”
Hatdwarf: looks suspiciously at Yorky “I think you are Red Jackals.”
Yoryk: (indignantly) I am not a jackal!

(it goes on like this for awhile until he finally gets frustrated and attempts to arrest us by force. we kill the cops too. Rolan hid behind boxes and continued his record of not getting hit by anything, ever)

We reactivate the warforged, and it tells us that him and the dwarf were here to put pressure on the Bakers (that’s us), to join the Mechanics or die.

So now we have a warforged prisoner, and there are bodies everywhere – dead Jackals, dead Mechanics, dead cops – on Thirteenth territory. Also two factions want to take us over or kill us.

Bunny: …this isn’t good.
Ascheriit: Let’s make it someone else’s problem.

Ascheriit goes back to base and tells the boss everything. She tells us to infiltrate either the Jackals or the Mechanics, with an offer of alliance. She tells us to decide which. But she will make sure our mess is taken care of.

Ascheriit: I tried guys.

We flip a coin and it lands on Mechs, so we tell the Warforged to take us to his boss.

We go to The Bottle and Blade Speakeasy, in the Karrnathi district, and talk to a gnome named Orryn. Bunny and Ascheriit explain that we totally tried to save the dwarf, out of the goodness of our hearts, but he got killed in the fight with the goblins. We rescued the warforged and decided to come here, offering alliance, because the Mechanics are totally way cooler than the Red Jackals (and Yoryk is not a jackal). Rolan didn’t say much but looked SUPER TRUSTWORTHY and nodded knowingly or shrugged expansively at everything the other goons said. So he believed us.

Since our particular skills lie in stabbing people in the face (Ascheriit: We’re good at that), he sends us to clean out a known safehouse of the Red Jackals to cement the alliance. Also we’ll get paid. Their recon is incomplete though, so we have to find the specific building it’s in ourselves.

It’s in some ramshackle downtrodden ghetto neighborhood. I forget where. We spend a lot of time being very unstreetwise and asking people things like DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE CRIMINALS LIVE? but eventually we find a likely spot. Mostly owing to Yoryk’s tracking skills, since one of the shifters that ran away at the beginning of the fight left a sporadic trail of blood.

We can go in through either the front or the back. The backdoor is heavilly barred.

Bunny: Can we kick the door down?
Asheriit: Yes.
Asheriit: kicks the door down!

Inside it is empty, but a hidden trapdoor leads to a hidden tunnel. The party troops down. There is another door at the end of the tunnel.

Bunny: Can we kick the door down?
Asheriit: It’s not even locked.
Bunny: I know. Can we kick the door down?
Asheriit: …you can if you want to.
Bunny: kicks the door down!

In the other room we fight some shifters and some goblins. They end up coming to us from a larger room, so there’s a bit of a bottleneck for them. Too bad. We kill em and explore their secret clubhouse. It has secret exits that lead to the sewer, a big drafty cliff, and a pub bar place in Jackal territory.

We go back to the gnome guy and report a job well done. He pays us some money, and we also beg free drinks off him. Then everybody gets drunk into the night. Except maybe the warforged, because that would get expensive, if even possible. His name is Doorknob, and we tell him that he should come by to the bakery for donuts some time.

The end.

S01E04 - Crouching Kobolds, Hidden Dangers
House (Lyrandar) Cleaning Service

As part the the Thirteenth’s recent, um, partnership with House Lyrandar, a handful of its agents was requested to help with the house’s colonization effort at the Demon Wastes site known as Desolate. Recent tremors had revealed an unexplored area in the extensive sewers and catacombs running under the ruins and the newly-drafted adventurers were to go explore them and make sure the area was safe enough for workers and scholars. Before heading down, they took care to walk around town and ask a few questions, meeting with Ande, the half-elf student who’s discovered the new passageway, and convincing her to follow them in the tunnels. With them also came two massons hired by House Lyrandar to evaluate the stability of the new galleries. They weren’t useful for much more than arguing with each other, despite and even after both agreeing that the ceiling of the newfound library was in danger of collapsing in a matter of hours. Using whatever they could to support the weakest spots, the adventurers managed to postpone the collapse.

Meanwhile, however, kobolds had made their entrance from a low back tunnel and assaulted everyone in the room. Too few in number to pose a real threat, they were dispatched easily. Arcane energy used during the fight activated and opened a magically sealed chest, containing a doll-sized construct over a century old but about as advanced as warforged. Unable to speak, it communicated by tracing fleeting lettering in the air. It seemed to be aware of everything that had taken place around the library and could direct the adventurers to the kobolds’ main lair. Both massons turned back toward the surface, but Ande agreed to follow the group deeper. Trying to reach the lair by stealth, the party crawled through filthy sewage, intelligent rat swarms, and shadow-infested crypts, all to unfortunately stop on a magic alarm when a few metres away from the kobold leaders. Enter a battle against lots of kobolds and a telepathic brain in a levitating glass cylinder. The fight got extremely close, endiong up with a very bloodied Yoryk summoning thorny vine to finish shattering the glass protecting the undead brain while everyone else around him lay dying on the floor. After some short rest, everyone made sure the place was fully secured, released a scholar who had been captured by the kobolds and locked inside a barrel, and then went back outside through the shortest path passing through the kobold camp front door. The agents were paid a small sum by the House Lyrandar overseers and, thanks to Ander, managed to smuggle a few of the magic items found in the catacombs back to Thronehold.

S01E03 - Giant Enemy Crabs and Other Disasters
Hey! The boss's back!

Our actual boss called us into the meeting room and telepathically gave us our briefing, after she was gone for three weeks looking for new Thirteenth recruits and so. She met someone and apparently arranged some trade/delivery; we need to go to sea to pick up a weapon from a Lhazaarite captain, captain Kordaric, some kind of pirate.

So we went to the harbor, and met Joel who took us up the river in his boat. We arrive at our rendezvous point and saw the Lhazaarite ship. However, we saw no one on that ship and its masts were down…

We used some ropes to climb onto the ship. Farren fell into an unstable grate as soon as he got up, and we then fought a bunch of rats. ’twas a rather quick and painless fight.

Exploring the ship, we learned that most of the crew appeared to have died in their sleep, seemingly from a poison in the air. As well, the captain was killed and dragged into his room, looking to have been clenching something before he died. The ship’s sails seem to have been corroded by acid.

Yoryk found a hole in the bottom of the ship, so we decided to get off and returned to our ship. As we did so, the weather suddenly became stormy.. we set our course back to Throneport, watching the other ship sink as we left, but now the weather was acting up. We tried to help by looking out, tightening sails, and whatnot, but it didn’t go so well and we had to crash land into a nearby island.

The captain was injured a fair bit during the crash. Some healing helped stabilize him, so he’ll probably live, but will require more long term care.

As we approached shore, a bunch of giant crab-like creatures (called craud) were waiting for us. So we fought them. They were actually pretty painful. .. Surprisingly tough little buggers. This battle took a while and we had many dropping below 0 HP. But after a gruesome two hours or something, we managed to kill them, resulting in craud legs for everyone! Apparently not quite as good as crab. DM’s words.

After eating Lunch, we tried to figure out where we were. We predicted that we might be on the island of Stormhome, or close to it. Yoryk used his Animal Messenger ritual to send the most fastest, most powerfulest of nearby seagulls to send a message of our story (regarding the missing weapon, storm, and being stranded on Stormhome) back to base.

We started to look around. We found a discarded piece of newspaper.. And we saw a few footprints along the shore. Needless to say, we followed them, since that’s what adventurers do.

Following the tracks led us into the woods, where we were met by some Storm Shards (living crystal clusters made of elemental magic, lightning in this case) and ambushed by some homunculi hiding in the trees. The Storm Shards zapped Asheriit, instantly knocking him unconscious. But then stuff went better and we eventually won, though one of those homunculi escaped.

We were then faced with a number of half elves, one main guy with a bunch of archers, who confronted us for trespassing and killing their doods. While they were hostile to us, after a lot of diplomacy we managed to reach an agreement which involved us helping them get some presence in Thronehold, and we had to pay them with the money that was supposed to be used for the initial weapon trade.

They were the Dragonmarked House of Lyrandar, the main half-elf there being Keldamir d’Lyrandar. He provided transportation back to Thronehold, where our boss so wasn’t pleased with us. But despite that, somehow we were paid over the next week or so. Wahoo.

+383 XP, bringing the total to 1128.

S01E02 - The Karrnath Vault
When we have a key and know what it opens, but have never been there

So we went to our briefing, and the boss was like “Your regular boss isn’t back yet, so I’m still the boss.” and we were like “ok boss.” and she gave us our mission.

It was something about some vault key; we should take this key to some ruins and open the vault, and find out what was in it. No idea how we knew what door the key was for, without knowing what was behind it, but anyway. So we took a boat to Karrnath and explored said ruins.

Today our group consisted of no leaders or defenders; go five damage-dealers. It was rather messy. We fought some doods of the Emerald Claw (rogue Karrnath ex-SOLDIERs), marked clearly by their Emerald Claw shields. Except for the annoying archers who were shooting us through holes in the walls.

Mordred failed spectacularly on all his powerful attacks again. Crow got awfully close to dying, having dropped to -9 HP and having failed two saving throws before we finished the battle which apparently clears all ailments.

They didn’t have good loot, but Qae took one’s armour and shield for now, and never did anything with it, so whatever.

We looked around the ruins more, and inside we overheard two females talking. Mordred busted through the door, so we engaged them (some human necromancer and halfling rogue) with a bunch of rot hounds.

Most of the dogs died quickly, and the Necromancer used some large AoE which hit most of us.. but rolled 1 for damage on a d12.

Mordred used his Dread Smite to finish off the rogue which we focused fired on, so naturally, he missed. But that 5 damage still managed to down her. Qae crit the necromancer with a double-augmented Mind Thrust, topping DPS meters as usual. (What?…)

She had some fancy +1 quarterstaff which Yoryk took.

We found the vault door that the key unlocked. Inside there was some shiny treasure sealed by some magic dome. Each door to that room seemed to have a cold gust of wind flowing in; when we closed all the doors, the magic dome disappeared. We looted most of the treasure, carrying it on Tenser’s Floating Disk, but then the room was airtight… so we opened the door that we came from, and wind started blowing out from the center of the room to outside the door. And apparently we were somewhere new…

And we encountered the necromancer and rogue again. The necromancer seemed pretty unhappy to see us again, quite insistent that she’d kill us this time instead. The Emerald Claw sergeant was back too.. each as ghosts. They were rather surprised to be incorporeal too.

It was an arduous battle. Mordred actually hit (and crit) with a Dread Smite this time! But then he died. (Those two things not related.) His deeds of valor will be remembered. And his corpse was carried back on Tenser’s Floating Disk. I think. We didn’t really discuss that part much, but we salvaged his gear, and that’s what counts.

We killed two of the ghosts, but the necromancer’s ghost escaped. We finally had a chance to explore a little bit, and it seemed we were in the Shadow Vale (sp?), or land of the dead. And some shadowy beasts were heading towards us, so we felt it was a good idea to get out of there ASAP. Back to the vault room!

Qae fiddled with the vault key and magicky stuff, while Yoryk held the door closed and Rolen and Crow used thievery and picked locks or something. We managed to make it back, and got a boat back to HQ.

The treasures were divided up; Rolen got some staff of teleporting things and Qae yoinked a circlet of second chances, while everyone else claimed 60g.

345 XP for everyone, bringing the total to 745.

S01E01 - The Lost Package
When three courriers fail at the simple task to carry a box, 13th agents get sent to gather the pieces

Patented Shadey recap

So we went to our briefing, and the boss was like “I know Im not your regular boss, but today I am.” and Bunny was like “ok boss.” and she gave us our mission.

There was this secret package being delivered from the peeps of the Silver Flame, and it never reached its destination. Two days overdue, it was last seen in the hands of 3 couriers around the ruins of Shadokar.

No, you can’t know what was in the package, they never tell you what’s in the package.

The party went by boat, and ended up on this sweet textured map of a road. There was a couple ways the couriers could have gone, but we gotta figure out for sure so that we don’t waste all our time.

Since Farren is the shy one, we nominated him to do recon. He politely inquired of a grandmotherly woman in a farmhouse as to the haps regarding our three misplaced friends of two days ago. Most worried about them and such, my good woman. She said she has better things to do than watch the road all day, but suggested that maybe the field farmers would have seen something.

So we send Farren out to talk to a random farmer. He’s upset because it isn’t raining. But he saw some shady lookin’ dudes. I think eventually we started interrogating multiple farmers. Mordred loomed up through the fieldy fronds and looked all Lich Kingly, and suddenly they were very talkative. Around this point I realized that my mic had been off for about 20 minutes, and that went a long way towards explaining why nobody seemd to like my suggestions.

We picked a road based on our info gathered and walked down it for awhile. Suddenly Yoryk noticed something. It was an Ahnkeg. And it noticed Yoryk. I guess he was the biggest, meatiest looking party member; Mordred being all dessicated and the rest of us being scrawny. So it tried to drag him away to feed its brooldings. Yoryk almost died during the surprise round. Qae used fancy psion AoEs on the minionlings, and Farren hid in a bush, healing all of the heals. Lots of people got hit in the face with acid. When it was dead we went to its nest.

There was no awesome treasure, not even awesome corpses. There were some gross bug eggs on top of one of our dead couriers though. I guess that was a clue. He was stabbed, and had a package-shaped dent in his head. Yoryk contemplated eating the eggs, but decided against it. Qae decided to be nice to the locals, and Dimenional Scrambled the eggs so they wouldn’t hatch and eat anybody else.

We followed some tracks and they led to a giant bridge over a giant river. Halfway across it turned out to be even more giant. There was also a giant hole in it. This required serious thought. Mordred put all of his heavy armor in his backpack and jumped 15 feet across to the other side. But then he remembered that he doesn’t know how to tie a good knot, and it seems like someone had sabotaged all of the pillars on that side. We debated various strategies for getting hte party safely across for a long time. Yoryk got bored, and jumped across too, safely and agiley, with a masterful +1 to athetlics. Most pleased. But Borris was like “dude I wouldn’t have tried that without at least a +9.” And Bunny definitely did not try to jump because she had already rolled a couple of 1s that evening. Suddenly Qae mentions that she can conjure a giant floating disk that can hold up to 1000 lbs and everyone agrees that yes, that might be useful. So Tenser’s Floating Disk ferried the rest of the party across safely one by one.

Suddenly, a bystander appeared! Blocking the path further up the bridge. She summoned wet bloated dead people, and blood hawks.
Draggy and Yoryk both tried to throw the bystander off the bridge, but she clung on and did not go over. Bunny wasted her daily power to teleport closer to the bystander and fail to hit her. Mordred killed like, a minion or two.

She was also mouthing something during the battle, but only a few people noticed what it was; something about “the box, the box…”

The bystander was also kind of undead, but then we made her totally dead.

And it turned out to be a good thing that nobody succeeded in throwing her off the bridge, because she had some sweet loot. Bunny decided that a 2-day rule applied for magical armor worn by a waterlogged animated corpse, and acquired a set of Delver’s Armor. Mordred took her sword, which was a vicious rapier of some sort, with a really shiny pointy blade.

The intrepid party continued on across the bridge, (Qae floating on her disk like a boss) and then down the road for about an hour. Holed up in the shack was the last would-be courier. Dead, clutching the box, and looking as though he had died of organ failure after some prolonged feverish ordeal. Our magical peeps looked at the box and pronounced yep, that box is not in the least magical… but something inside of it definitely is.

The party decided that, perhaps…. it would be a good idea if Tenser’s Floating Disk carried the package back to home base. We made contact with the boss via our magic scroll, and then took a boat back home. Nobody died mysteriously, and the box was safely locked up by someone responsible and trustworthy, where it will surely be put to a benign and beneficial use at some point int he future.

Then everybody got paid and went to bed.


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