Availabilities and Schedule

The textile is pretty fragile, so pleaso don’t touch the table below. On the other hand, feel free to update the upper text part. What is there for now is stuff I’ve copied and pasted from the pok├ęboard, but chances are it’s already in need of precisions and updates.

Cecil: Around 8 Central is when I’d be best, but I could do earlier if need be. Wednesdays evenings and every other Sunday are great for me, however I could accommodate most play schedules.

Christopher Robin: I should be free anytime just about.

Dragonair: Most weekdays, but probably not until like ~9 PM Eastern.

Jayamiko: I should be free anytime, I think.

Shade: Every second weekend free. If there is a day during the week where we can play regularly, I can ask to have it off regularly.

Starfire: As for my availability, evenings will be good, except Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have class.

Zerodot: The ideal time for me would be Thursday nights, after 7PM Eastern. Tuesdays are also decent. Mondays and Wednesdays are the two absolutely no nights. – Borris, Thursday is best for me, not bad.

XrisRobin: Same as Jay, I should be free just about anytime.


Availabilities in a Table

Player Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Bugen >18h >18h >18h >18h >18h
Cecil >21h
Christopher Robin
Dragonair >21h >21h >21h >21h >21h
Shade Every other week
Zerodot >19h

Red is impossible
Yellow is bad
Green is good
Blue means awesome

Time is given for eastern time zone (with daylight time when applicable) in a twenty-four hours format.

And I know I’ve omitted sunday, because there’s more than a 75% chance that I’ll already have something planned on any given sunday. Plus this removes the awkward question of whether we have to put it as the first or last day of the week.

Availabilities and Schedule

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