Fenmarel's Tactical Think-Tank

Fenmarel’s office looks in every way like the archetype of a university classroom. A rather busy amd chaotic classroom. Two of the walls are plastered with maps of various kinds and the other two hold gigantic blackboard covered in short notes and diagrams. The many ill-assorted desks are strewn all over the room, each covered with books, personal notes, and more maps, some of them topped with tiny wooden figurines representing different factions. The eladrin tactician seems absorbed by the points chalked up on the wall before him.

“Hi there. I’m glad you dropped by. It seems like the Thirteenth is facing several troubling issues at the moment. Maravakri and I am thinking about this day and night, but we could definitely some suggestions or insight from other members of the organization. Feel free to share any idea you may have.”

Joel Burmont. We’re told he still hasn’t recovered enough to withstand the trip back to Thronehold but everyone knows it’s a lie. as long as he’s kept on Stormhome, though, he remains the biggest piece of leverage Keldamir d’Lyrandar has against us. I’m trying to plan a rescue mission, but so far I have nothing.


Shaking free of Keldamir’s grasp. We can’t do anything rash as long they keep Joel hostage, but we should still start thinking about ways to break free of the hold he has on us. And perahps there are some underhanded cards we could play right now.


Find the mole. It’s become clear recently that information has been leaking from the organization. Syraen and Pascaline are both adamant that there has been no magical scrying of the headquarters. So while it pains me to admit it, it seems there is a traitor among us. I guess it can be anyone of the permanent staff here. Well, except for Joel, for obvious reasons. If you have idea about how to find the spy, please share them with us.

Potential suspects:

  • Maravakri, founder and leader of the organization
  • Fenmarel Aryvandaar, eladrin, battlefield tactician and second in command, has only been on Eberron for the last four years
  • Syraen Sorelenal, shaman and necromancer, bears the mark of shadow but unrelated to the dragonmarked house and makes sure to stay unrelated
  • Pascaline, young gnome artificer from Zilargo, works to meet the need of the organization in terms of magical and alchemical gear
  • Pavis d’Orien, lesser scion of the House of Passage, he keeps good relationships with his family but claims to pledge his first allegiance to the 13th, takes care of any traveling done by train, or by land
  • Biron & Vontrieck, reapectively a human and a dwarf, responsible for keeping the 13th headquarters safe from intruders or attacks rival gangs. Veterands from the karrnathi army, the two are almost inseparable

What we know so far

  • The first evidence of spying arose right after Maravakri came back from Sharn. Someone had beaten us to the rendez-vous with Eytan Kordaric’s ship.
  • There were no signs of boarding anywhere on the ship. Most of the the crew seems to have died in their sleep, as though from lack of air, although at least the captain was likely killed by blade cuts while fighting for his life in his quarters.
  • Whatever was used to kill the rest of the crew also had an effect on the sails of the ship, making them dry and crackled and reducing many of them to nothing but shreds and flakes.
  • The attackers knew what they were goign to get. You didn’t spot any sign of frantic searching and only the most valuable cargo (including the weapons we were going to buy) had been stolen. Once again without any sign of moorins that could have been used to tie the attacking ship to its prey.
  • The sudden and unnatural storm that hit the area a few hours later might be a freak arcane occurence, but it might also have been summoned by the attackers to erase the traces of their crime.
  • When Pavis took you to Passage, you were ambushed by bandits who specifically asked for you to give them the casket, as if they knew you were carrying a large sum of money. Were they tipped off by the spy?
  • Whoever kidnapped captain Kordaric in Passage and kept it in that dragon lair off in Lake Galifar may be linked to the previous attack. But waiting in the open for all of you to see them seems quite opposite to the methods used for the naval attack.
  • You say you didn’t kill Sezfedharath d’Lyrandar aboard the Five Nations Express, but the official story says that he was already dead when staff rushed in to help after your attack. Who could have wanted him dead and why? Did they know we were planning an attack and used it as a cover-up for their murder? Didn’t you leave a mercenary mage alone with the unconscious minister when you jumped off the train?
  • The job in Starilaskur also went awry. The alleged changeling war criminal trying to pass for a half-elf cleric and carrying Cannith blueprints was actually a real half-elf cleric, and a Lyrandar scion at that, although he did have secret Cannith blueprints with him. Maravakri tried to get back at her informant for this job, but he’s apparently managed to vanish into thin air.
  • The kenkus attacking you is another oddity. Crow says she knows the leader of the Starilaskur nest and that she would never have tried to get Crow killed. Assuming she’s right, maybe they didn’t know Crow would be there, or maybe the boss has changed over the last two years.
  • It also seems the kenkus were already posted to be able to take out those who attacked Ragnum d’Lyrandar, which means that someone knew you were coming for that job – possibly through Maravakri’s vanished informant – and wanted to get rid of the “tools” used for the job. Once again, who could have wanted him dead and why? Why not do the job themselves or hire kenku assassins?
  • Crow apparently led her own investigation regarding the kenkus. The assassin guild was told someone would try to attack Ragnum d’Lyrandar at the Chapel of Kol Korran. They were told not to interfere but, hit or miss, to dispatch the attackers out of eyesight. They didn’t know the attackers would be from Thronehold. The man who hired them was a male half-elf in his looking in his thirties.
  • Pavis is certainly an ambitious young man. After all, he joined our group mainly because he felt his possibilities for advancement within House Orien were too limited. And you might expect an Orien scion to bear a grudge against House Lyrandar. I don’t think he would sell us out to anynone, but then again I would say the same about everyone else here. But when Pavis took you to Passage, you were ambushed by bandits who specifically asked for you to give them the casket, as if they knew you were carrying a large sum of money. If Pavis was aware of that, he wouldn’t have taken two crossbow shots during the fight. I don’t think he’d go that far to fake his inoocence. But maybe the events in Passage have nothing to do with the rest of the leaks.

Fenmarel's Tactical Think-Tank

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