Pavis' Travel Agency

Compared to the rest of the rooms, Pavis’ office is surprisingly tidy. Several bookshelves hold an impressive colloection of travel guides and books about the different Lands of Eberron, all sorted by region. A small wooden cabinet is overwflowing with scrolls and maps. Last but not least, a display stand is stocked with the most recent routes and schedules for the lightning rail and House Orien’s coaches.

It’s nice of you to come and pay me a visit. Although you probably came to learn more about the world of Eberron. Feel free to take a look at anything you want. I do have a brand new state-of-the-art Map of Khorvaire you might want to check. I also got this neat House Sivis World Globe And if you have questions about anything else, do ask away. I can always use the company."

And I finally managed to bring a copy of the latest Lightning Rail Time Tables.


Pavis' Travel Agency

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