The Island of Thronehold

Thronehold was the home of Galifar’s kings for centuries, but it was abandoned at the start of the Last War. The ancient capital of the kingdom of Galifar rests in the middle of Scions Sound. This island, situated between the Five Nations, contains the mighty castle from which King Galifar I and his descendants ruled the continent. Considered neutral ground from the start of the Last War, Thronehold was spared the violence that devastated many of the continent’s most beautiful cities. A special detachment of House Deneith guards—the Throne Wardens—continues to protect Thronehold to this day, though the guards serve more as caretakers now that the kingdom no longer has a single recognized king.

Below the castle’s walls stands Throneport, a small town that arose during the old kingdom’s height. The support community nested in the shadow of the castle mutated as the Last War progressed. It became a place for dissidents, spies, criminals, and mercenaries, and the once opulent and safe port turned into a rough-and-tumble town without law or allegiance to any single nation. The Treaty of Thronehold brought some minimal level of order but further solidified the city as a neutral hotbed for international intrigue, establishing the city of Throneport as a multinational province under the control of small peacekeeping forces from Aundair, Breland, Karrnath, and Thrane, with House Deneith Throne Wardens in place to make sure the terms of the treaty are honored. Today, the small city is neutral ground, but the castle and its grounds remain off limits and under the watchful protection of the wardens.

According to the terms of the Treaty of Thronehold, the city of Throneport, with the exception of its port and the area surrounding Thronehold Castle, has been divided into four separate districts, each under the control of one of the surviving Four Nations. Though this effectively turned the limits between districts into international borders, the backalleys and secret passages used by who have established residence in Throneport during the war are just too numerous to be policed effectively. And since the representatives from the four nations prefer to hold meetings in their own respective capitals, their governements haven’t seen fit to send more than token forces to Thronehold anyway. So although the Five Nations returned to the island, the city remains neutral ground, and the criminal element continues to thrive.

Notable Factions of Thronehold

The Red Jackals

The Red Jackals are originally a street gang from the lower levels of Sharn. Composed mostly of shifters, orc, gnolls, and goblins, they can be easily identified by the way they dye their fur or hair in dark shades of red. They tend to emulate scavengers and predators and survive by rummaging through trash and waste or by commiting raids other groups. It is unknown if the group currently running wild in Thronehold is directly connected to the gang in Sharn or if they were merely inspired by them. The Red Jackals are currently waging an open war against the people of the Thirteenth.

The Mechanics

Also known as the Gearheads, especially among their detractors, the Mechanics was initially formed by a disparate gathering of scholars and handicraftsmen who didn’t want to align themselves with any of teh warring nations and who couldn’t or would’t join any of the dragonmarked houses. Over the years, and given the social dynamics in the city of Thronehold, the group quickly shifted into a criminal gang, often selling its services to the highest bidder. This ended up weakening the group as it forced the departure of its most pacifist members. At the current time, the Mechanics and the Thirteenth have negociated a truce in order to stand up to the Red jackals.

The Island of Thronehold

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